The Kiev Mosque and Complex is a project that has been prepared for a long time and aims to be a center of worship and culture that will benefit the Muslim communities living in Kiev, as well as Turkish and Tatar ethnic groups.

It is estimated that there is a Muslim population of 1.5 – 2 million in the whole of Ukraine and 250,000 of this population live in Kiev. Mosque (with a capacity of 5,000 people to worship), Cultural center building (Education), Shopping market, Business center structures are planned within the campus. The 30,000m² site is located in the city’s Labanovskaya district, at the intersection of Chernonoarmiis’kyi Ln and Chervonozooryanyi Ave streets. Mosque and Kulliye complex is constructed on the street spine – alley, which is entered from Chernonoarmiis’kyi Ln street in accordance with the topography of the land in the east-west direction.

By designing different functions at different levels, it is aimed to distinguish between function and user. With the vertical and horizontal continuation of the alley uninterruptedly, continuous visual perception is established between the floors in the 3rd dimension. In the entrance level which is located at 111.00 (±0.00), there is worship in the south and cultural and social areas in the north.

The mosque was planned at the southeast corner where the main roads intersect, as it was desired to be the focal point. In the Alley, the usage area is limited and determined by the difference in flooring material at the entrance of the Mosque, and the last congregation place is described. In addition, a courtyard was created for different ceremonies in the west of the Mosque. The cultural and social areas in the north of the Alley are open and semi-open spaces for pedestrians, providing a comfortable and continuous circulation and activity area. Commercial and Social areas are planned on the 1st floor of the alley, at 116.00 (+5.00) elevation.

The terrace area on this floor will be used for outdoor activities that dominate the entire building complex. Cafes and eating and drinking units are proposed on this floor. At the same level, there is also an educational function with a separate entrance and a protected courtyard to the north of the site. The Business Center is located at 121.00 (+10.00) elevation, which is the last point Allen has reached. In the center, which consists of two blocks, closed and open offices are planned to meet the needs of the business world.

On the ground and first floors, functions such as a multi-purpose hall and an exhibition are proposed. A closed parking lot has been planned under the entire building group and vertical circulation elements have been proposed to reach the level with 3 different functions. Parking lot entrance for general visitors use is at ±0.00 level, while the parking lot entrance of the business center is at +10.00 level.

Consept Project
Kyiv - Ukraine
44,000 sqm
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