Founded in 1999 by an architect Selda Gümüşdoğrayan, Selda Gümüşdoğrayan Architects Office and Company is an Ankara-based architecture firm.


Was born in 1971, in Ankara and earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Gazi University, Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Department of Architecture. Since her graduation, she partook in projects with her own office and giving lectures in various universities in Ankara. Currently, her lectures can be attended at Çankaya University. She is actively member of Chambers of Architects, TSMD, Architects’ Association 1927 and DID Seismic Isolation Association. Selda Gümüşdoğrayan is also one of the founders of BioConsult Project Management Company is that established as an independent company specialized in the field, providing services with extensive knowledge on the design, project and turnkey basis of investments in Health Buildings.

Selda Gümüşdoğrayan Architecture adopts a design approach that aims to improve itself by new and different explanandum and queries its experience and background in all structures conceptualized. It also targets to create original and modern architectural products as idea, fiction and structure by considering the dynamics like changing and progressive person, environment and technology as the project input. The main goal is to service and contribute to art of architecture and architecture profession as well as to provide user-investor-practitioner satisfaction. The office mentioned has designed structures in different functions and qualities besides any number of Health Buildings and Branch Hospitals at home and abroad designed as from 2005.

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