Rize Güneysu Hospital with 100 Bed Capacity consists of 3 buildings, Psychiatric Hospital, General Hospital and TSB (Technical Service Building), and is located on a land of 36.000m². The project area is located in the northwest part of Rize Province – Güneysu District Center. There are TOKI residences in the northwest of the land, the Tea Factory in the southwest, the Rize Sports School and the University building in the southeast.

The field is between Güneysu Merkez and Rize road. There is Güneysu Stream in the Southwest of the land and the rising Forest view in the Northeast. This location of the field determined the orientation of the buildings. The height of the building was determined according to the template of the existing buildings in the topography. The hipped roof used in Traditional Architecture. Also, the masonry stone used in the ground floor and the wood used in the facades. The Health Building, designed to be approximately 22,500 m², was placed according to the orientation of the land and the template of the buildings in the city.

Campus entrances are located on the facade facing the city direction, and social and common spaces surrounded by patient beds are located on the facade located on the forest side. The design aim of The Psychiatric Hospital located on the campus is to make the patient circulation dynamic and productive with open, semi-open and closed space organizations on human scale. The bed blocks are designed as night and day sections around the inner courtyard with patient activity in mind. The building units has a simple architectural style in the second and third dimensions.

T.C. Ministry Of Health
Rize / Turkey
22,500 sqm
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